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New museum in Stockholm
The idea for Vikingaliv came from the big international interest of the Viking Ages, and the fact that there was a need to experience the Viking Age in a fast, modern and interesting way, from a historical point of view. On this basis, a very creative and experienced team was formed, and together they have put together a concept that will put the Vikings on the map of Stockholm.

Svea TV is responsible for all filmed material in the museum. Läs mer.
2x58 min WW2 Documentary   Om svenska salsoldater under 2:a Varldskriget
What makes a young person leave his own country to fight for the enemy? During the Second World War it was illegal for Swedes to join Hitler ́s army. Nonetheless, 270 Swedes voluntarily left neutral Sweden to fight in Hitler ́s special force Waffen SS. Who were they? And why did they risk their lives for such an atrocious cause?
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  Filmklippen nedan visar ett par exempel ur våra produktioner. Använd menyn till vänster om ni vill veta mer om dessa och övriga produktioner.
  H√§xornas tid
  Arns Rike
  Jon St√•lhammar, ett karoliner√∂de