Tisdag 16 Oktober 2018





Pågående produktioner

-  Galo Salstation
-  SVT Documentary 2x58 min WW2
-  Vikingaliv
-  KulTur
-  The death of Charles XII
-  Halsokoden
-  Inner
-  Mindfulness
-  Sankt Erik
-  Slottet renoveras
-  The opening of Magnus Ladulas grave
-  UtgrĂ€vningarna i Varnhem

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New museum in Stockholm

The idea for Vikingaliv came from the big international interest of the Viking Ages, and the fact that there was a need to experience the Viking Age in a fast, modern and interesting way, from a historical point of view. On this basis, a very creative and experienced team was formed, and together they have put together a concept that will put the Vikings on the map of Stockholm. Svea TV is responsible for all filmed material in the museum.

Where are the Vikings? Where is Old Town? These are the two most common questions asked by tourists visiting Stockholm. Describing how to get to Old Town is seldom a problem, but answering about where the Vikings are is much more difficult. Until now that is – the opening of Vikingaliv! Soon, every Stockholmer will be able to tell where the Vikings are – on the royal island of DjurgĂ„rden, next door to Junibacken and the Vasa Museum– at the heart of Stockholm’s tourist district. 16 miljoner mĂ€nniskor passerar DjurgĂ„rdsbron Årligen. MĂ„nga av dem Ãr turister som efterfrĂ„gar vikingar. Museet Vikingaliv kommer att ta tillvara det intresset. Se: vikingaliv.se



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